What New Help Desk Service Request System
When Wednesday, 1/18/2023
Affects New Help Desk Client Portal
The Office of Information Technology is currently switching over to TOPdesk.
What that means for the you: 
  • Today at 6:00PM we took the current service/ticket request system offline
  • Tickets, resolutions, and FAQs will be transferred to our new TOPdesk system 
  • Current tickets will be transferred to the new system and work will continue on the issue
  • Wednesday the new TOPdesk Portal will be live for all users
The new system has an excellent web-based interface for you to submit requests and track progress. 
Tickets will continue to be auto generated from any email sent to helpdesk@txwes.edu, but the new portal will allow you to direct your request more accurately to the proper IT area. Additionally, entering your ticket through the portal will take you to a form which prompts you for additional information. Filling out this form will eliminate the back-and-forth communications and expedite the resolution.

You can see a preview at TOPdesk,  just log in with your TXWES username and password.
Please note that communications from the ticket system will look different than before but will come from helpdesk@txwes.edu.  If you have any questions with regard to the validity of a message please contact us.