The 3CX Phone System - Installation and Use

Instruction: Installation and Use of the 3CX Phone System Portal

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3CX is an open-platform, unified communications VOIP phone system. It is a powerful yet simple to use phone system that includes advanced features such as call handling, chat, video conferencing, voice mail and more.It works anywhere you have an Internet connection, from your office work phone, cell phone mobile application, or a web browser using your windows computer. You can virtually access your phone line from anywhere!  To access this system you must first be added to the client portal, which can be requested by submitting a request below to the Help Desk.

NOTE:  When dialing externally do not dial "9".  You now only dial the 10-digit number.  (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.


After you submit a request to get access to the system, you will receive a "Welcome to 3CX" email with all of your account access and configuration information, a 'Get Started with 3CX Quick Reference Guide' and links to the "3CX User Manual" with more detailed information and in depth instructions on 'How to' use the phone systems features. A copy of the Quick Reference Guide is also attached to this article and a sample copy of the Welcome to 3CX email you will receive is below.

In addition, more great introductory and training videos can be found here: Introductory and Training Videos.


Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Retrieve your credentials from your Welcome Email.
  2. Go to your Web Client URL:
  3. Log in using your new phone extension and password

NOTE: When using the 3CX communication tool in a web browser, we recommend using Chrome for best compatibility with the 3CX system.

NOTE: If you are also using a VPN connection for your other work, you will need to install and use one of the applications below.


3CX Apps Download Links (Recommended)

Below are all the download links for the 3CX apps. The 3CX apps allow you to take your extension with you anywhere and never miss a call again. Learn more about the 3CX apps for Windows and the Web or about the 3CX apps for Android and iOS.

3CX v16

*Sorry, there is no application for OS X at this time.


Below is a sample of the 'Welcome Email' you will receive when you get enrolled into the 3CX Phone Portal:



Hi Ramily member,

This email contains important information about your extension and getting started. For more tips and how-to’s take a look at Your Quick Reference Guide.



Your extension details

• Your extension number is "1111"
• Your extension PIN is "2222".
• Check your voicemail by dialling 3333.


Your Communications Dashboard - The Web Client

The Web Client is your communications hub. From here, you can call, chat, video conference and more in just a few clicks.
• Go to

- Login using 1111

- Your password is PasswordInThisEmail

• Manage calls from a mini pop-out web client with the Chrome or Edge Extensions.


Your Office Extension Anywhere - The 3CX Apps   iOS App  Android App

Whether on an Android or iOS device, stay in touch and work on-the-go
1. Download the iOS or Android App.
2. Open your Web Client, click on your avatar and "Scan QR Code" to provision your app. Or, you can scan the QR code attached to this email.

Alternatively, you can install the Windows App and configure it by running the file attached to this email.


  • When setting up 3CX on mobile device first time, one of the permission requests by 3CX is to access to device contacts. Click  “No” to device contacts permission request and you will still have TXWES contacts listed within the app.

Happy calling,

The 3CX Team


Download Your Quick Reference Guide


If you need further assistance: please contact the Help Desk at 817-531-4428 or submit a service request here:



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