Instructional Applications

Academic Software: Blackboard, Infobase, Qualtrics, Respondus, SoftChalk, Turnitin, Yuja

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Blackboard Course Restore Request Form

Use this form to submit Course Restore requests. A separate form is required for each course to be restored. Requests will be completed within seven business days.

Blackboard Learn (LMS)

Blackboard Learn is the university's Learning Management System (LMS).  Within Blackboard Learn, students and faculty can access virtual classrooms and campus organizations to deliver virtualized content and activiites.

GradesFirst/EAB/SSC - Data Integration

EAB's Student Success Collaborative (SSC) is a cloud-based platform that combines predictive analytics with communication and workflow tools to support, retain, and graduate students. Use this service for requests involving EAB/SSC data integration.


Online Professional Learning Experience - Infobase is an online technology training and professional development tool. This tool can be integrated with the university's LMS. (Blackboard)


Qualtrics Online Survey Platform allows instructors and staff to build and share surveys.  This tool can also be made available to students (in a limited capacity) pending sponsoring instructor approval.


LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Used for securing online exams in face-to-face classrooms or proctored environments.  This tool can be integrated with the university's LMS. (Blackboard)


SoftChalk allows instructors to create interactive lessons that can be integrated with the university's LMS. (Blackboard)

Sponsored Blackboard Account Form

Request form for Blackboard Sponsored Accounts to be used by individuals who are not faculty or employees of Texas Wesleyan.


Turnitin is a tool that allows instructors to check for potential plagiarism and leave student feedback on written assignments. This tool can be integrated with the university's LMS. ( Blackboard)


YuJa Enterprise Video Platform