Network & Communications

Wired and wireless network, VPN, telephones, Jabber, infrastructure and servers.

Services (26)

Cellular Telephone Service

Cellular Telephone Service should be used when services require Internet connections where wired and wireless connections are not available.

Cloud Fax Service

InterFAX is an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes directly from any email account.

Cloud Server (non-physical)

Request a non physical server, will be provided from our preferred cloud location

Dedicated Toll Free Number

Allows customers to call an organization without being charged for the call by dialing a dedicated toll free number.


Relating to Services impacted by the environment surrounding the campus

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams software, chat, presence, voice & video calling, employee lookup, file transfer, screen capture & screen share, conversation history, visual voicemail

Network Assessment/Consultation

If you have questions regarding wired/wireless networking for an office remodel, relocation of network drops, new facility construction and any other network related project.

Network Drop - New or Relocation

A new network connection or drop is needed

Network Security

Network Security

Other Services (Internet & Network)

If you have questions about DNS, SSL Certificates, Secure LDAP connections, UPS/Surge Suppressors and more.

Register Your Device

Register Your Device on the TxWes network.

Server Decommission

Use this to request a server be decommissioned.

Server Deployment

Use this service to request that a new Server be deployed.

Server Maintenance & Updates

Used for reporting Incidents in Server Maintenance & Updates

Server Maintenance & Updates

Used to Request and Document Server Maintenance & Updates

Server OS Upgrade

Use this to request a Server Operating System be upgraded

Server Re-Configuration

Use the Service Server Re-Configuration to request that a server be reconfigured to meet new requirements.

Voicemail Service

Unified messaging, personalized greetings (up to 6), message waiting indicator, self-service portal, message processing, listen to Office 365 calendar appointments

VoIP Telephone Service

Includes telephone, dedicated telephone number, local calling, long distance calling, international calling, campus-wide 4-digit extension dialing, call forwarding, caller ID, conference calling (max 4 participants), call transfer, call park, call history, speed dial, E911, 911 Call Alert, Single Number Reach, Call Pickup Group

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access

If you need remote access to the Texas Wesleyan Network when you are away from the campus.

Wired Internet Connection Issues

If you are having issues with connecting to the Internet or problems with your wired network connection.

Hotspot Data Service

Hotspot Data Service should be used when Faculty or Students require Internet connections where wired and wireless connections are not available.

Analog Telephone Service

Traditional analog voice service is available in specific use case - Dedicated service lines for alarm systems, credit card/point of sale terminals, and elevator systems. Service line features include: dial-tone, local and long-distance calling. Phone line for old POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service) not VOIP

Network Security

Network Security

Cellular Telephone Service

Cellular Service used when Internet is required but where wired and wireless connections are not available.